As countertops granite may have become obsolete and replaced with other durable and better-looking materials. But that is just absolutely not the case with sinks. Granite kitchen sinks are still very much in use even today across the world. The expertly crafted natural stone and resin combination is incredibly durable and gorgeous looking, which is why they are still in such high demand.  

And another point worth remembering is that though kitchens are that part of the house that is not visible to guests, yet they should not be neglected as they are the life and heart of every home. It is that place which radiates warmth and love in every home. So, it does deserve its due importance by getting revamped with a granite kitchen sink if you already do not have one.  

Now What Exactly Is a Granite Kitchen Sink? 

There is just one simple and easy way to describe what exactly a granite kitchen sink is. To put it in simple words it is a very beautiful and durable option that is also very reasonably priced making it affordable for all. It is one of those kitchen sinks that will blend very well with composite granite countertops. The phrase "composite" itself characterizes the material as being made up of 80% granite and 20% acrylic resin. Though it is a mixture of two components, its amalgamation is such that it looks absolutely natural.  

The Benefits of Using Natural Granite Kitchen Sinks 

Natural granite kitchen sinks are associated with numerous benefits that might only make homeowners choose them. Although they are a bit on the expensive side, they also have many advantages associated with them. 

These Advantages Would Include: 

  • They are very hardwearing, durable and long-lasting.
  • Every item that is available in the market is marked by its uniqueness.
  • When it is properly sealed, they are totally resistant to stains, scratches and heat.
  • They have a seamless appearance.
  • They can be sculpted, chiseled and carved to give them a smooth appearance. 

Tips To Maintain a Granite Kitchen Sink 

Just as you have installed a granite kitchen sink; it is also important that you maintain it for better longevity and durability. 

So Here Are A Few Tips That Might Help You in The Long Run: 

  • The granite kitchen sink has to be washed and cleansed daily with a very mild detergent and nylon scrubber or brush. You might also use dishwashing soap for this.
  • The kitchen sink has to be wiped clean with a soft cloth at least once daily so that it bears no marks of any water stains. This should ideally be done after the last usage which is at night.
  • Abrasive tools and cleaning materials should be avoided at all costs.
  • It would do just fine to go with natural cleaning solutions like vinegar for daily purposes. 

Points To Consider While Buying Granite Kitchen Sinks 

While Out Shopping for Your Granite Kitchen Sink, Do Make Sure That You Do Not Overlook A Few Certain Points Mentioned Below: 

  • You have to have that additional support for your sink as granite-made sinks are heavy. They are not those sinks that can be just hung up.
  • Never select a flat-bottomed granite kitchen sink, as that is less effective in draining out all the excess water. So, it might leave a mess behind.
  • Giving your kitchen that ultimate look is what every owner dreams of. So, to bring in that uber-cool look just settles for a granite kitchen sink that matches the countertop.
  • Go for the most natural granite kitchen sink as those syncs in well with all styles and complements them.
  • It is a well-known fact that granite is a very porous material. So, you have to ensure that it is sealed to prevent moisture from getting into it. You must, then, make sure that the store from whom you purchase it offers you sealing and resealing services as needed.


While out shopping for your granite kitchen sink, if you bear in mind the factors that make kitchen sinks the best in mind, you are sure to get the best. They will give you numerous benefits if maintained properly with all the maintenance tips mentioned above.